TRIZ: Consulting and Training for TRIZ and Systematic Innovation

TRIZ Workshop Abstract

TRIZ (The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving)

WHAT IF innovation could be structured to dramatically boost your Idea generation, creativity, and problem solving skills?

WHAT IF individuals could easily leverage the creative experiences of generations of the world’s best inventors?

That’s exactly why TRIZ was born in 1946 and it is a big part of this offering.  Most agree that innovation plays a critical role in an organizations success. Product (or Service) differentiation is vital to driving growth and achieving a competitive advantage. Many organizations are seeking USP’s (Unique Selling Propositions) to delight their customers. Systematic Innovation is an 8-step process that is being practiced by many organizations. When innovation is well managed, the process becomes repeatable and the innovation “hit rate” improves dramatically!

This workshop is about “unleashing” the natural and “un-natural” creativity your people didn’t know they had.  Learn how to apply and leverage some of the best strategies for understanding future needs, solving technical problems, and developing next generation products. Although this workshop will emphasize TRIZ tools, it adds elements beyond TRIZ because most of our clients that have asked for TRIZ are really looking to improve their “Innovation IQ”. This unique course teaches and demonstrates over 25 specific and proven strategies that dramatically increase any individual’s knowledge, creativity, and problem solving skills. 6 of the 25 strategies belong to a methodology called “TRIZ”, a Russian acronym for “The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving” and the other 18 are a mix between other technological and psychological tools for innovation.  These techniques are designed to significantly reduce the problem solvers dependency on their own knowledge, experience, and education to address technical challenges.

In brief, this TRIZ Workshop provides an efficient and effective way to tap into knowledge from a number of different industries, branches of technology, product development methods, and fields of engineering to solve problems and create new value for your customers. Engineers, scientists, and everyday professionals who are not particularly creative can not only understand future needs, but can efficiently develop “innovative” solutions to important product development challenges.

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 TRIZ and Systematic Innovation: Custom Consulting and Training Offerings

Although our most popular offering for TRIZ is our 2 and 3-Day SI Workshops, several options exist. C2C Solutions will customize any of our Workshops to meet our clients needs and outcome objectives.

Below is a brief description of 7 of our most popular offerings:

  • 1/2-Day Systematic Innovation Executive Overview – Executive Overview of the latest thinking in Systematic Innovation Strategies. Management will understand the basic premise, methods, barriers, and resources needed in order to implement a culture of Innovation.
  • 1-Day Systematic Innovation Overview – Introduction to over 25 Leading methods for Innovation, Technical Problem Solving, and Concept Generation. TRIZ Concepts are included. Learn Psychological, Technological, and the latest software methods for Innovation. (80% lecture and 20% “hands-on”)

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TRIZ and Systematic Innovation Workshop Objective

This TRIZ/Systematic Innovation 2 and 3-day workshops are designed to greatly enhance the attendees’ creativity and innovation skills. Whether problem solving or value creation, attendees will be able to generate more high quality ideas in less time. This workshop is very interactive with many “hands-on” exercises, and can be customized to fit the client’s needs.

The workshop objectives can be loosely summarized as the following:

  • Learn an 8-step process for Systematic Innovation
  • Understand common barriers to Innovation and how to overcome them.
  • Learn how to explore a much greater “solution space” for your technical and business challenges. (SI Tools, Function Analysis, and Root Cause Analysis Methods)
  • Learn “Step-by-Step-how-to’s” for over 20 Psychological and 10 Technological Methods for Innovation. (Solving problems and “sparking & inspiring” new ideas)
  • Learn algorithms for cost and complexity reduction.
  • Discover how “Function Modeling” can help to redefine the problem and achieve a new and often simpler perspective on difficult situations . . .

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TRIZ and Systematic Innovation Training Course Outline

Below is a comprehensive list of potential topics.  We often customize this course agenda to fit our client’s project or training objectives. The following represents a rough outline for our typical 2 and 3-Day TRIZ/Systematic InnovationWorkshop. The main difference between the 2 and 3 day Workshop is the level of detail discussed and the amount of “breakout sessions” that are integrated. This agenda may be adjusted to fit your needs and broken up into “modular sessions” that can be taught over a period of time.

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TRIZ and Systematic Innovation Training: Target Audience

This is a difficult question to answer because we find quite a diverse cross section of attendees in our workshops. The simple answer is anyone responsible for problem solving, research, development, and management of the current or next generation of products and services.  Typical attendees are from the following areas:

  • Product and Process Engineers
  • Program Managers
  • Project Teams
  • Marketing
  • Quality Assurance
  • R&D Professionals
  • Business Development
  • Intellectual Property Managers
  • Anyone involved in the front-end of product development
  • Anyone interested in improving their “Innovation IQ”

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