Just4Fun Videos

Take a break for a moment and enjoy a couple video’s!!  Below are few interesting videos that our staff, friends, and followers thought were interesting enough to share with you. This section is continually updated with new videos.  If you have video you would like to make us aware of please e-mail us at info@c2c-solutions.com.  We’ll give you credit!  Keep the suggestions coming!


British Improvication

(Sent by Vaslov Yadaminski, London)

Video clip from the BBC show “Fast and Loose”. Very funny and creative. The panel must guess the song without hearing the music, just acting the song out.

An amazing soccer story

(Sent by Kyle Yee Bakersville, CA)

The village of Koh Panyee is located in South Thailand. It is built entirely on the water so there is very little room and space for recreation. That posed a problem when the kids wanted to start a soccer team. You won’t believe how innovative and passionate they are.



Next Generation Spy Vehicle?

(Sent by Eric Newberger – Tallahassee, FL)

It’s another amazing creation the military is perfecting. It’s a $4 million spy drone that has quite an unusual shape and size. It is disguised as a friendly backyard hummingbird. It is 6 inches long and flies by flapping its wings. What will they think of next? You have to see this.

Having a bad day?

(Sent by Melissa Lowe – Austin, TX)

True story! This baby’s dad got a rejection letter from a company he wanted to work for. Watch how this 8 month boy reacted to his dad tearing up the letter. If this doesn’t make you smile, nothing will!



A submarine built for two!

(Sent by Benjamin Ohara – Sydney, Australia)

I think scuba diving is so cool. But you have to get certified before you can start diving. That’s why you need your own personal submarine. Then you could have underwater adventures whenever you want. Watch and see what your own personal sub could look like.

The future is here!

(Sent by Dean Brotz – Munich, Germany)

We don’t have teleporters yet, but sometimes we forget how futuristic our technology already is. And it’s going to get even better in ways we can’t even imagine, yet! Find out how the Corning corporation is making high-tech glass products.



The Adventurer!

(Sent by Paul Daniels “Iceman” – Antarctica)

Some people don’t accept the status quo of a 9 to 5 job, 2.5 kids, a dog, and 3 bedroom home in Normaltown, USA. Paul is a personal friend of ours that has a passion for life and adventure. Check out this trailer video on one of his three trips to the South Pole where he lived and worked for 10 months.