QFD Workshop Objectives

A “typical” eQFD Workshop is a 2, 3, or a 4 day:(2+2) “implementation”, which combines classroom training with focused “break-out” sessions working on real projects with real teams. Unlike many other workshops being offered by our competitors, the unique emphasis in C2C Solutions Workshops focuses on the step-by-step “How-to’s” of eQFD so participants walk away with confidence and enthusiasm using the methodologies presented. (All workshops are customized to fit the client’s needs).


The workshop objectives can be loosely summarized as the following:

  1. Learn the “How to’s” for each “Stage” of eQFD. (Planning Projects, VOC, House of Quality, Ideation, Product Design, Manufacturing Process, Delivery Process, Production Control Phase, etc.)
  2. Learn how to cut the time for an effective QFD project in half.
  3. Learn how to apply QFD in diverse Product and Service Industries.
  4. Learn how to make your QFD efforts Efficient, Effective, Elegant, Enhanced, and Enjoyable.
  5. Understand the benefits of a proper QFD effort using eQFD Strategies.
  6. Learn how to conduct QFD Training or QFD Consulting in your organization.
  7. Learn a Step-by-Step eQFD approach well enough to get started and lead real projects.
  8. Learn how other “Tools” compliment and integrate well with QFD. (Design for Six Sigma – DFSS, FMEA, Pugh, Innovation, TRIZ, Robust Engineering, Advanced Research Methods, FTA, VA/VE, SPC, etc.)
  9. Learn over 20 powerful strategies to uncover customer needs, and a process to prioritize your project so it doesn’t become overwhelming.
  10. Learn how to translate the Customer’s Requirements into appropriate Company Metrics, then into appropriate Product and/or Process Characteristics.
  11. Learn Pugh’s Concept Selection and how other tools are used for evaluating & synthesizing concepts.
  12. Learn how to translate Design Characteristics into appropriate Process Parameters, and then translate Process Parameters into appropriate Production Controls when appropriate.
  13. Learn how to plan a successful QFD project. See numerous QFD Examples from various industries. (Products, Services, Manufacturing Processes, Business Processes, etc.)
  14. See how leading QFD Software can simplify the process. (Trial QFD Software Downloads Available)
  15. Learn numerous useful “Keys to Success” and “Common Pitfalls” for all QFD efforts.
  16. Learn how e-QFD can be used in different industries. (Product, Service, Software)