Workshop Abstract

eQFD (“Efficient” Quality Function Development): This QFD Training Course is a unique “American” derivative of the Japanese QFD process, with a quantum improvement and focus on Efficiency, Ease of Implementation, “Buy-in” by those involved, and Effective Results.

The design of this highly regarded e-QFD Workshops is a result of 15 years research and experience helping dozens of Fortune 1000 companies understand and customize the complexities of QFD while successfully implementation it within their Product Development Processes. Special attention is spent on techniques that simplify the “old” way QFD was done in the 80’s & 90’s.

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The e-QFD Process is a structured, yet flexible, methodology to ensure an accurate understanding and appropriate integration of customer needs into your Product Development Process. This process promises a timely and innovative response that delights your customers and attracts your competitor’s clientele.

This QFD Workshop and Process accomplishes this by integrating several proven and powerful strategies that improve the understanding of your (internal & external, spoken & unspoken) “customers needs”. The process then continues to “deploy” the Customer Priorities into the subsequent Phases of the e-QFD Process to ensure a successful Product or Service for the Customer.

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