13 Questions for QFD

Is this QFD Training for you? 13 Questions to consider:

The following will help in deciding if this workshop is for you:

  1. Is customer satisfaction is a goal and you are truly serious about better understanding and delivering your customer’s needs? (Too often Voice of Executive/Engineer (VOE) overrules Voice of Customer (VOC))
  2. Do you have more than 1 customer to satisfy and there are conflicting needs?
  3. Are there too many program delays and increased costs due to excessive problem solving, redesign, and fire-fighting?
  4. Is there is a lack of logic and structure used to allocate resources?
  5. Is the competition getting much too fierce?
  6. Is the potential market share and profits great, with little time for mistakes?
  7. Is there is a clear and common understanding / interpretation of customer’s needs between ALL the people running this project?
  8. Is there poor documentation of the rationale or logic behind the key product design or process decisions?
  9. Is there no “official” structure in place for continuous customer Improvements? (Your attitude is “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”)
  10. Has Market share and revenue been declining or not growing like you expected them to?
  11. Are you entering into a new market or start a new business development?
  12. Are you concerned that doing things the way we have done in the past may not be enough to make this next product successful? (Gut feel and long experience will not be enough)
  13. Is your product becoming a commodity and a competitor is stealing your market share?

eQFD will considerably help in all the above “Issues”



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